Featured Stories

Blood Moon
When fortune cookies filled with deadly predictions appear at their doorstep, college students must face the chilling urban legend head-on
In a dystopian world, nano-tattoos have infected the majority of the population, plunging humanity into a dark reality.
God's Dog
Against the backdrop of Alaska, a man tests his limits with the brutal force of nature.
Manifesting Murder
A heart broken girl crafts a deadly experiment to seek revenge on her former flame.
A God of Ones and Zeros
Frustrated with Earth, an AI God contemplates deleting humanity, only to encounter an unexpected and transformative consequence.
A Night at the Park
Running from the law, two fugitives flee into the woods, unaware of the chilling surprises that await them.
Bumf*ck, Nowhere
A city criminal travels far outside his comfort zone and gets a rude awakening he never expected.
I Hope You're Happy
In the city of Bliss where crying is punishable by death, a disillusioned citizen must defy The Smiles, risking everything to express her true emotions.
Lucky Find
In a future ravaged by chaos, a cybernetically enhanced woman discovers a haunted ancient artifact that changes the course of her existence.
During WWII, a fearless partisan plunges into the realities of combat while he is lamented by lost love.
In this twist on Red Riding Hood, RED must brave an alien wasteland, only to discover that what hunts her is far worse than any wolf.
The End of the West
The lines between predator and prey are blurred when all the town’s cattle turn mad, becoming the town hunters.
The Messenger
After being confronted with all his wrongdoings by a mysterious man, Joe is forced to make a choice.
The Vessel
Awakening prematurely, a crew of humanoids is confronted with an abandoned spacecraft harboring an ominous threat within.
A scientist on the verge of a reality-altering breakthrough is thrust into danger and forced to put his secretive experiment to the ultimate test.
The Tarot Card
A woman visits a magic shop where a mysterious tarot reader foretells a chilling prophecy.
Trapped in a blizzard on a mountain highway, a family's journey takes a turn for the worse, leaving them to confront their worst nightmares.
Tiger by the Tail
A group of burglars face a shocking turn of events, turning their foolproof heist into a disastrous miscalculation.
The Silver King
An entitled billionaire wakes up from a biogenic sleep into a new reality run by Silvers and he must navigate this transformed world to survive.
A Last Taste
Targeting a priceless bottle, three elite thieves sneak aboard a galactic mogul’s luxury cruiser for the heist of a lifetime.
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